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$5 Off all Services over $20

Express Facials


$40+/$45 MAX $185 (series of six) save $30

Spa Facials:

1 hour

$60+/$65 MAX $305 (series of six) Save $30

Extended Spa Facial

 1 hour 20 mins

$75+/$80 Max $395 (series of six)

Botanical Skin Resurfacing

60 mins

$85+/$90 MAX

$455(series of six) Save $30

My 1St Facial


$55 Children & Young Adults ONLY

Gentlemen’s Facial:


$55 /$60 MAX

Eye Treatment



Dual Exfoliation


$80 +/$85 MAX

$400(series of six)

Other Massage Services

$5 Off all Service over $20

Neck & Shoulder


$25 /$30MAX

Back Treatment


$45 /$50MAX

$215 (series of six) Save $30

R&R Stress Fix Massage

A Swedish style massage to relieve tension and restore balance to the body, mind and spirit. Long flowing strokes are used to sooth sore muscles and put your body in to a deep relaxation. A combination of gentle techniques ensures maximum circulation and relaxation that develop the flexibility of the client.

@60mins $60/$65MAX

@90mins $90/$95MAX

Elemental Nature Massage

@30mins $40 /$45MAX

@60mins $60 /$65MAX

@90mins $90 /$95MAX

Hot Oil Rock Massage

Warm hot stones are placed on various points of the body to release tension, while additional stones are used to massage and manipulate the muscle tissue, which assists in the relieving of soreness and increases circulation.

@60mins $85 /$95MAX

@90mins $90 /$105MAX

Deep Tissue Sport Massage

Deep tissue massage that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is specifically helpful for chronic aches, pains and muscle tightness. Intended for those who want to have more detailed work on specific muscle groups.

@60mins $85 /$90MAX

@90mins $95 /$105MAX

Pregnancy Passage

60mins Prenatal massage improves blood distribution and oxygen to vital organs for Mother & Child. This can help with stress and fatigue during pregnancy. Massage Therapy is an excellent way to reduce inflammation and improve circulation.


Seated massage

@15mins $25

@30mins $35

R&R Aroma Wrap




Customize Your Massage

*** add 15 minutes to any massage for $15

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